Product Introduction


 Green Choice has the responsibility to offer its consumers high quality products by offering syrups with 100% natural ingredients based on honey, aloe, ginger and eucalyptus, thus helping to relieve cough. We also have syrups that do not contain sugar, thinking about every need of the family members.

In our line of Vitamins there are supplements for  children and adults that helps us obtain those necessary portions required by our body. We also offer our line of vitamins for beauty, helping to delay the actions of the years.

We also provide products to alleviate the high quality digestive system; helping to eliminate nausea, indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea among other symptoms with our Green Relief and we reduce the acidity with our Sodium Bicarbonate for human consumption until the person improves. The purpose of Green Choice is to provide our consumers with high quality products to help with the health of each one of them.



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